Our quality & Sustainability

The safety, legality and quality of our products are paramount to Hangana’s success.

We believe that customer satisfaction is the bedrock of any successful business relationship. With this in mind, we have implemented processes across our supply chain to ensure the safety, legality, and quality of our products. Our Food Safety and Quality Policies outline the steps taken to ensure that all potential food safety and quality risks are identified, controlled and monitored.

Our suppliers are selected and approved based on formal risk assessment. Suppliers are periodically reassessed to ensure they comply with relevant standards and continuously improve their quality and food safety management systems. All our raw materials, including packaging, are supplied with signed supplier specifications. This ensures our raw materials are free of microbiological chemicals and/or physical contaminants that could lead to product recalls and legal action and would damage our consumers' trust in our brand.

Ensuring our raw materials and products are fully traceable is crucial to food safety and is also a legal requirement. We conduct multiple traceability exercises a year to ensure we are always ready to respond to queries from customers about the provenance and control of our products. Our processing facilities are certified to international food safety standards and the MSC Chain of Custody standard which allow us to process and distribute sustainably harvested fish raw materials.