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As a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List Group, Hangana passionately subscribes to the O&L Purpose of "Creating a Future, Enhancing Life". At Hangana, we strive for the ongoing development of our beautiful country and the upliftment of all Namibians. As a 100% Namibian-owned seafood company specialising in the harvesting, processing and value-adding of hake as well as selected seafood from all over the world, we are proud to be one of the largest employers in the fishing industry. Dedicated to accountability, responsibility and the modern management of our precious resources, Hangana is committed to ensuring that our future generations are able to enjoy seafood and oceans full of life, forever. Our business may be seafood, but our passion is our people. It is reflected in our relationship with our 1650 employees and manifested in the fact that we are owned by Namibians for Namibians. To back this up, we compete with some of the biggest companies in the world through the international Great Place to Work initiative - the global authority on building, sustaining and recognising high-trust and high-performing workplace cultures. We also support various local community schemes throughout the year.

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Our purity refers to the fresh ocean produce that we process and package. It is sustainably harvested and carefully selected by standards of the highest quality.


Our range of produce is as unique as our place of origin, Namibia. Founded where the cold Atlantic waves lap against the warm dunes of the Namib desert, we pride ourselves in locally made products.


This is the fuel behind the fire of action in producing only the best quality. It expresses the shared sentiment of love from the people of Namibia to the country, as they put their best foot forward by using sustainable methods to yield the finest results.

Hangana Brand

The Hangana Logo was created to capture all the powerful attributes of Namibia that Hangana possesses: Pure, Namibian Passion! We impart all our brands with these exact sentiments to ensure that our services and products remain up to par! This lent our brand essence perfectly into the Ohlthaver & List Group, the Hangana brand has devoted itself to instilling the vision and quality associated with such a powerful, esteemed company.


Seafood is the core of our business thus the symbol represents life, food and sustenance.



Hands represent our unique location, the land and sea, unity, caring for each other and how we come together to create our products.



The hands in our logo represent our unique location, the land and the sea in unity, and the way we come together to create our products.


The eye represents sustainability, foresight, forward thinking and innovation.

Hangana Logo

The vibrant colors in our logo represent the Namibian landscape. The turquoise colour represents the Atlantic Ocean, freshness and our fish products, while the orange represents the contrasting Namibian dunes and the sun.

Our history

Hangana’s story began in 1968 when Consortium Fisheries Ltd was established - first selling fish meal, fish oil and frozen fish. Today, Hangana is key to the Namibian hake industry with a diversified portfolio of products from fresh, frozen, canned and take-away.

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Our brands

The Hangana brand is a subsidiary of the Olthaver & List Group and carries the same sentiments of the group in all that we do. At Hangana, we believe in harnessing our local resources for the benefit of the community. This is why we accustomed our logo to encapsulate all the powerful attributes that Hangana has to offer; Pure Namibian Passion.

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Our Divisions

At Hangana, we believe in sustainably harnessing our local resources.

Our divisions
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