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The name Hangana means “Unite” in Oshiwambo but is also often referred to as “Come together”. The company aims to grow and foster trusting relationships with employees; be transparent; communicate regularly and openly; respect one another; and allow everyone to feel that they matter within the company. Hangana strives to empower its employees to not only become more productive and add more value in the workplace, but also to become more valued family and community members and citizens of the country at large. Knowing that wellbeing is multifaceted, Hangana operates an on-site medical clinic, with two registered nurses and a Wellness coordinator who assist in promoting a healthy work/life balance and plan regular checkups with employees to ensure that all are aware of the importance of a healthy body and mind. Hangana Seafood participates in the Great Place to Work (GPTW) survey as the Employer of Choice assessment. The GPTW survey is an international measurement that the Group partakes in and is measured against global entities. The GPTW dimensions are aligned to the Values and Breakthrough leadership model of the O&L Group and measures how the company is able to maximise human potential through leadership effectiveness, meaningful values, and a culture where all employees experience high levels of trust.

To keep our O&L Values alive, among others initiatives, a monthly Value Star is chosen and from the twelve finalists, an overall Value Star is selected each year.

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Our business success is built on the belief that every employee matters and we adopted a values-livid culture in our organisation.