Handover Playground Topnaar Community

Since 2004, the O&L Group annually hosts Christmas parties for approximately 400 orphans and vulnerable children with Hangana Seafood and Kraatz Marine hosting the coastal Christmas party on behalf of all the O&L subsidiaries. End of 2022, however, Hangana and Kraatz thought of doing something a little different that would be a little more extraordinary. Instead of having one day of festive fun, we wanted to give back to the community in a colourful, joyful way and create countless days of fun for the children of the Topnaar community involving our own employees ideas and initiatives.

An effort of this nature is precisely what our O&L Group Purpose, “Creating a future, enhancing life”, is all about. We hope that through play, exploration and the building of friendships around this playground, the healthy development of these children will be strengthened, and their lives and futures enriched. We were given permission to build on piece of land given to a local church and a lot of planning went in to creating something extra special for the Topnaar children. 15 December 2021 was the hand-over, approximately 120 children come from all corners to the playground! It was a fun-filled day full of laughter and joy!

O&L bringing OpCo’s together annually to do something extraordinary for the Orphans and Vulnerable Children.Now there is a little joyful gem in the middle of nowhere for the kids to enjoy in their holidays and forever after.

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